The Golden Trowel Award

The Golden Trowel Award is an exciting means for Lodges to recognize and honor distinguished members with an official award from the Grand Lodge of Texas.

The Golden Trowel is the Lodge’s formal recognition of a Brother for his devoted service to Masonic principles in general or to his Lodge. It is intended for the Brother who, year after year, quietly, but actively demonstrates his devotion to the teachings of Masonry without thought of recognition or special honors. Every Lodge has such members. They spread the living cement that builds our Fraternity into a true Brotherhood.

You will find them at labor in the kitchens, on the work committees, in public office, on community projects, in service clubs, heavily involved in their church activities, and in schools – anywhere that a true and steady hand of assistance is needed.

It is to those Master Craftsmen that the Golden Trowel Award is designated as the highest Award a Lodge can bestow upon an individual member.

Pine Tree Lodge Golden Trowel Award Recipients

2015 – Charlie Alread

2014 – Bill Wyatt
2013 – Jim Rumsey
2012 – Rusty Roberts (Photos)
2011 – Weldon Pittman Sr. (Photos)
2010 – Chuck Rue
2009 – David Sims (Photos)
2008 – John Abernathy (Photos)
2006 – John Douglas Jett
2005 – Alvin C. Gober, Jr.
2004 – Don Ellis
2002 – Don Goodson
1997 – Thomas Whitehead
1997 – Kenneth Ray Jackson
1996 – Jack Anderson
1995 – Art Dunnavant
1995 – Joseph C. Faulk
1993 – Esker J. Richardson
1993 – Sherman D. Stephens
1992 – William C. Fields
1991 – Robert J. Friday
1990 – Curtis Appleby, Sr.

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